Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Orality as the primary source of information in the ethnobotany

Our training is based on 32 years of work in the field; where social groups allow us to talk, establishing bonds of socialization where they "tell us their life story," share the sowing, harvesting and enjoy the food dishes they offer.

The knowledge acquired orally through women and men of different ethnic groups allow us to reconstruct the therapeutic "armamentarum" that traditional doctors have.

So part of our study is the orality tradition as a means of obtaining human knowledge. It is from this perspective that we get to know the culture, values, myths, legends and extensive cultural codes that ascribe them to that social and historical reality.

We invite you to participate in this process of teaching and learning

Medical doctor and researcher José 
Vitelio Pineda 
Medical number: 
ICO. JVPM: 7884.

Email: ethnobotanyprc@gmail.com
Contact phone: +57 304 588 2686


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